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Zoning Rewrite

What's Going On?

Norwalk is currently conducting a major rewrite of its zoning regulations, which will affect the development of the city for many years to come. This is a great opportunity to allow for the creation of more affordable, walkable, transit-oriented development which will make for more pleasant, people-friendly neighborhoods.

What We Like

What Needs Work

Why is this Important?

Many people have complained that Norwalk is overcrowded, and traffic and parking are major issues that everyone experiences. We believe this is not because Norwalk has too many people, but because Norwalk has too many cars! Many Norwalkers are effectively required to own cars and drive due to many decades of car-centric development. Walkable development near jobs and transit is the sustainable solution to this problem, but first our zoning has to allow it!

More Info

The draft regulations are expected to be approved in September 2023 and take effect in January 2024. You can read more about the proposed rules and the process on the city's page.

Take Action!

Please sign our petition to help make walkable streets and affordable housing priorities for Norwalk!

You can share your own feedback with the Planning and Zoning Commission here.

Complete Streets Ordinance

The Transportation, Mobility, and Parking (or TMP for short) department of the city of Norwalk is creating documentation that will establish procedures for evaluating street projects to ensure that they meet the needs of all users.

This will ensure that all streets are designed and operated with the safety, mobility, and accessibility needs of users of all ages and abilities in mind.

The envisioned “Complete Street” is one that’s safe and convenient for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers of all ages and abilities.

A Complete Street is a Sustainable Street! TMP is taking input and is open to collaboration on this documentation; they will also be providing opportunities to get involved through the following:

 Learn more on the city website’s page on the Complete Streets Ordinance.