Our Vision for Norwalk

Our vision is a city where people can move freely, safely, and sustainably, where communities are vibrant and healthy, and where everyone has a place to call home.

Free Movement

Free movement means that people of all ages and abilities can travel wherever they wish walking, biking, using public transit, or driving depending on their preferred mode of transit.

Safe Movement

Safe movement means that everyone can be assured of their safety and comfort regardless of their mode of transit.

Sustainable Movement

Sustainable movement means that everyone is able to travel affordably without creating an excessive public spending burden, and with minimal environmental impact.

Vibrant and Healthy Communities

Communities that prioritize access to recreational activities and green spaces (such as parks, playgrounds, trails, and community centers) promote physical and mental well-being. These ideas encourage active lifestyles, social interactions, and a connection within the community.


Housing is a basic human need, and it’s important in any community that housing is accessible and affordable for all. Accessible and affordable housing:

In order to achieve, this, we promote:


For many people, walking is the easiest and least-expensive way of getting around their neighborhood, as well as having the lowest environmental impact. Our streets need to be designed for pedestrian safety and comfort, so everyone can feel comfortable walking around town.


Biking is a healthy and inexpensive way to cover greater distances more quickly and easier, and has very low environmental impact, but bike-friendly infrastructure is also required to make biking safe and pleasant. 

Public Transit

Good public transit can help make longer-distance travel within our city and to other cities accessible to everyone, including those unable to own a car or drive. Public transit also has a much lower environmental impact than driving. Improving our public transit can make it available to more people and a more desirable option.

Housing Options

With rising housing prices, it's important that everyone is able to afford to find a place to live. By enabling the construction of affordable, walkable, transit-oriented development, we can enable people to live in neighborhoods where they can access all their daily needs conveniently without putting even more traffic on our already crowded streets.

Urban Spaces

Norwalk’s streets should be a pleasant place to spend time, not just a place to move about. Creating pleasant spaces on our streets for recreation and relaxation in our city will improve the quality of life for all Norwalkers, and foster a sense of community by giving neighbors places to meet each other. This might include urban green spaces, plazas, parks, courtyard and other areas where people can meet and spend their time safely and comfortably.