Zoning Rewrite

CD-4 General Urban Community

What's Going On?

Norwalk is currently conducting a major rewrite of its zoning regulations, which will affect the development of the city for many years to come. This is a great opportunity to allow for the creation of more affordable, walkable, transit-oriented development which will make for more pleasant, people-friendly neighborhoods.

What We Like

What Needs Work

Why is this Important?

Many people have complained that Norwalk is overcrowded, and traffic and parking are major issues that everyone experiences. We believe this is not because Norwalk has too many people, but because Norwalk has too many cars! Many Norwalkers are effectively required to own cars and drive due to many decades of car-centric development. Walkable development near jobs and transit is the sustainable solution to this problem, but first our zoning has to allow it!

More Info

You can read more about the proposed rules and the process on the city's page.

Current Status

After several rounds of amendments The Planning and Zoning Commission has voted to approve the proposed zoning rules, and they will be effective February 19, 2024.

We're very pleased that the Planning & Zoning Commission has decided to adopt our suggestion to eliminate parking requirements in the urban core! We believe this will help create opportunities for more walkable, transit oriented development, especially in South Norwalk, Wall Street, and Merritt 7 neighborhoods.